Narcotics Anonymous Nassau Area


Helpline Phone Number (516) 827-9500
Mailing Address Only NASC
P.O. Box 1533
Mineola, NY 11501
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How to contact NA World Services via email

Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc., through the WSO, provides this service in order to improve communications between NA World Services and those interested in the Fellowship of NA, whether for personal or professional reasons. NAWS, Inc. also provides this service to those members of the fellowship who have email access and wish to correspond with NA World Services via email. The policy of NAWS, Inc. regarding communication via the Internet through email is the following:

  • NAWS, Inc. considers every piece of communications it receives via email as “formal” correspondence, utilizing the same protocols and processes it uses to handle any other communication it receives through postal, telephone, fax, or special delivery methods.
  • WSO or NA world level trusted servants may or may not respond via email to correspondence received via email. Please include postal mailing address and a telephone number within the correspondence sent to Use the first email link in the list below if you are unsure which one to use.
  • Response time to inquiries may depend upon the nature of the request, the level of complexity a response requires, the individual who may be responsible to provide such a response, or the availability of sufficient resources. Please do not expect a response to your inquiry that would be faster than if using other methods to contact Narcotics Anonymous World Services.

E-mail Links

Obtain more information ( about NA and local and/or world level services
Contact the Customer Service ( Department of the WSO
Contact the WSO ( regarding non-customer service-related issues
Contact the HRP ( regarding the World Pool
Contact our Public Relations ( Team
Contact NA’s World Services ( and our World Board
Report a problem found ( on the NAWS, Inc. Website




The World Service Office of Narcotics Anonymous has a number of services that you might wish to take advantage of. Here’s how to access them:

  • General information about Narcotics Anonymous. Our staff for fellowship services will be happy to answer any general questions you may have about our fellowship. Choose extension “771”.
  • Information on NA literature and how to purchase it. One of our customer service representatives can answer questions on what literature is available in which languages, what the prices are, and how to purchase it. Choose extension “773”.
  • Locating and contacting local NA. To locate Narcotics Anonymous meetings, local NA service committees, or NA telephone information services in your vicinity, contact the NAWS fellowship services staff at extension “771”. Among other services, local NA committees may be able to provide speakers to explain the Narcotics Anonymous movement to your professional, religious, or civic organization, legislative assembly or committee, or government ministry or agency. Local committees may also be prepared to make presentations on NA to treatment client groups and prison inmate gatherings.


Main Office
PO Box 9999
Van Nuys, California 91409 USA
Telephone (818) 773-9999
Fax (818) 700-0700

Business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time.
We are closed on USA holidays.

Local standard time is GMT minus 8 hours. We also observe Daylight Savings Time.

48 Rue de l’Été/Zomerstraat
B-1050 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone 32-2-646-6012
Fax 32-2-649-9239